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Construction Tools

New Construction

Meeting home owners and discussing ideas 

Pools by GE's estimates are free of cost. All you need to do is contact our office and provide the requested information needed to set up an appointment with a sales representative at the job site. This is when your ideas will be discussed, measurements will be taken and we will evaluate the project based on your property survey and its setbacks. With this information we can determine the scope of work for the project and prepare an accurate proposal.

Designing your dream pool and getting all the permits necessary

Now that the contract is approved and signed, we can start working on your sketch. Once you have approved that, then our engineer will start to work on the technical plans for the pool.

Your dream pool starts 

When permits are approved, construction starts. We will guide you every step of the way. Having a calendar of events makes it easy for the homeowner and the construction crew to stay on schedule.



You might not like the shape, size or depth to the existing pool.


This could all be changed and renewed. 


Re-plastering is done on average every 5 to 10 years. 


We can replace or fix anything from  Coping and Tile replacement, equipment upgrades and custom add-ons


Pool Inspections

Whether you need a pool inspection for a home purchase, or you want spa inspections for a commercial property, these are the things we’ll look at for our report:

  • The interior materials

  • Any underwater lighting or electrical components

  • Any steps or decks surrounding or leading into the pool

  • Diving boards, handrails, ladders, or other similar features

  • The pumps, filters, motors, gauges, valves, drains, and other mechanical elements

  • Leading into the pool

  • The water supply system

  • Any safety features, such as child safety barriers

  • And more

Depending on what the spa feature is, we’ll take a look at any other elements that are essential to the operation, safety, or enjoyment of the feature.

Swimming Pool

Brands we use

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